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Battery Pack

Milwaukee announces the industry’s largest step toward full corded replacement with the M18™ RedLithium™ High Demand™ 9.0 Battery Pack, which delivers up to 5X more run-time, 35% more power and runs 60% cooler than standard lithium-ion batteries. In conjunction with the advanced framework of motors and electronics in the M18™ system, this new battery technology exceeds what’s possible on high-voltage or multi-battery tools, and it is fully compatible with the entire M18™ system.


Upgrading to the new battery pack will instantly increase the performance of users’ current M18™ cordless tools. The new M18™ High Demand™ 9.0 Battery Pack will deliver more work per charge and more work over the life of the pack than any other power tool on the market regardless of voltage. In addition, the ability for the M18™ RedLithium™ High Demand™ 9.0 Battery Pack to run significantly cooler also means users will be able to push their cordless tools harder and longer than ever before.


With the launch of the M18™ RedLithium™ High Demand™ 9.0 Battery Pack, Milwaukee now offers fully compatible battery solutions for the best performance at all levels (Compact, Extended Capacity, and High Demand) to meet specific user needs. The High Demand™ 9.0 pack is optimized for high draw M18 FUEL™ tools and solutions that need an extensive amount of sustained power and run-time for applications such as high demand drilling, chipping, cutting and grinding.


The M18™ RedLithium™ High Demand™ 9.0 Battery Pack is sold as an accessory to the M18™ System and in select M18 FUEL™ kits, and has full system compatibility with all M18™ cordless solutions.

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