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Brushless Framing Nailers

Ryobi™ has released one of the most anticipated 18V ONE+™ products to date: the 18V ONE+™ HP Brushless Framing Nailer. This framing nailer features ONE+ HP Technology, delivering more power, runtime, durability and speed.


Available in both 21° and 30°, these nailers use brushless motors, advanced electronics and high performance lithium technology to provide performance equal to a traditional, pneumatic solution without the hassle. Ryobi’s AirStrike™ Technology eliminates the need for noisy compressors, bulky hoses and expensive gas cartridges. These cordless framing nailers provide instant driving speed and the ability to drive up to 750 nails per charge on a 4Ah high performance lithium battery.


A selectable drive switch allows users to choose between single sequential and contact actuation modes for either precise or rapid, repetitive nail placements depending on the need of the application. These framing nailers deliver the power to sink up to 3 ½" full round head nails (21° and 30°) or clipped head nails (30° only.) A tool-free depth of drive adjustment ensures nails will be driven flush every time, even in the densest of materials. The onboard air fill valve enables field serviceability, which results in decreased downtime and increased productivity.

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