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CFS Product and Provider Directory, powered by the Steel Framing Industry Association, has launched a new Product and Provider Directory that gives users the ability to find all things cold-formed steel–related quickly. The directory, located at, features CFS framing manufacturers, steel coil providers, framing contractors, panel and truss fabricators, product distributors, steel mills, design professionals and more.


BuildSteel’s Product and Provider Directory gives users the ability to sort their searches by type of service, including fasteners, installation, manufacturing, panels and assemblies, specification, studs, supply, tools and tracks. The directory allows users to search for products and providers by location, by CFS certifications and by keyword.


The BuildSteel Product and Provider Directory, at this time, features only SFIA’s 1,100 member companies, which account for the majority of CFS stud, track and accessory products used in North America.

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