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BuildSteel, a newly launched collaboration of steel and construction industry organizations, provides educational resources for building pros on the uses and benefits of cold-formed steel framing. The website serves as an educational center, continuously updated with new content and examples showing how steel framing can be used to meet the growing demands placed on building low and mid-rise structures.


Original and curated content, such as blogs and articles from industry leaders, case studies, infographics, research and more are focused on helping building professionals overcome construction obstacles with cold-formed steel.


BuildSteel content ranges in complexity, covering topics to assist professionals of all experience levels from those beginning their first cold-formed steel-framed project to seasoned professionals looking for information on updated building practices. Site visitors receive custom content relevant to their interests, job function, experience level and current projects.


In addition, BuildSteel offers complimentary assistance for construction projects utilizing cold-formed steel framing in the United States and Canada. Building professionals with specific questions related to cold-formed steel framing can simply complete an online form with project details, and receive project-specific assistance from the BuildSteel team, consisting of experts from its strong partner alliance within the steel and construction industries.

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