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Clip-In Metal Ceiling Panels

Ideally suited for commercial buildings’ renovations and monolithic interiors, Rockfon® SpanAir™ Clip-In metal ceiling panels integrate with and conceal 15/16” suspension systems. These panels’ clip-in placement allows for downward accessibility without special tools, for easy maintenance of the HVAC, lighting, fire suppression, security and audio/video systems located in the plenum.


Beyond aesthetics, SpanAir Clip-In ceiling panels also contribute to commercial interiors’ performance and sustainability goals including a Class A fire rating, Noise Reduction Coefficient of up to 0.90 with acoustical enhancements, and recycled aluminum content.


SpanAir Clip-In panels feature a square edge design available in solid or perforated panels with dimensions of 24" by 24", 24" by 48" or custom sizes. These ceiling panels and their metal components contain no organic compounds that support mold or microbial growth. A broad choice of finishes is offered to suit all interior palettes, providing low maintenance and long-term durability.


Rockfon’s product portfolio in North America includes an extensive range of solutions from suspended and concealed ceilings to clouds and baffles.

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