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Collated Fastener

Grabber® Construction Products introduces a collated solution for steel framing contractors. The Grabber SuperDrive® Mach1™ is the first collated system explicitly designed to meet the demands of on-site and off-site cold-formed steel frame construction, offering unparalleled speed, precision and efficiency.


The SuperDrive Mach1 is the perfect solution for metal framing professionals looking to enhance productivity, improve installer safety, reduce material waste and improve fastener precision.


The Mach1 collated system easily attaches to a Makita or DeWalt impact driver (versus a screw gun)—one of the benefits developed with steel framers in mind. The tool’s advanced features also include a no-slip tip, reversible feed track (for right- or left-handed workers), SureLock® fine depth adjustment, quick removal strap, as well as a compact and durable design that includes pass-through spaces for the impact driver’s LED lights. The tool is compatible with Grabber’s SuperDrive 7/16" to 7/8" collated screws.


The SuperDrive Mach1’s lightweight and ergonomic design reduces the amount of time spent on screw handling, making it a safer option for professionals who would use it for extended periods of time. The design also prevents wasted or dropped fasteners. The Mach1 has been tested to perform up to 5x faster than the same job with bulk screws. In addition, the precision and no-slip tip of the new system reduces the need for the extra step of using clamps.

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