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Concealed Space Batt

Knauf Insulation is giving architects, specifiers and insulation contractors a superior alternative to sprinkler systems in multifamily interstitial spaces with the introduction of Inner-Safe™ Concealed Space Batt Insulation—safeguarding residents and property while meeting building codes for multifamily applications.


Inner-Safe is a new, non-combustible glass mineral wool batt insulation that exceeds National Fire Protection Association 13 Standard requirements. It can be installed in typical I-Joist and Open Web joist types found in multifamily projects, and is available for cavity depths from 8" to 24".


In the past, code has required that interstitial space—the area between regular-use floors—have sprinklers to reduce the threat of fire spreading. But as multistory buildings rise higher, so does the cost and hours required to install sprinklers. Recent updates to NFPA code stipulate that concealed spaces filled with non-combustible insulation do not require sprinkler protection (NFPA 13, Section Inner-Safe is specifically engineered to be a faster, easier and more cost-effective way to meet these standards.


Compared to sprinkler systems, Inner-Safe is easier to install, and because it requires no long-term maintenance, it can eliminate callbacks and long-term costs. Inner-Safe cuts installed costs of traditional systems in half, eliminates impacts to the production schedule while delivering a high performance system and ultimate peace of mind.

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