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Concrete Screw Anchors

Tapcon introduces new concrete fasteners with a newly engineered design.


To further improve speed of installation, Tapcon is also shifting from Phillips to a Star flat head. The star head recess helps eliminate bit slip during installation. With 6 points of contact between the bit and the anchor, users can be confident in increased productivity, especially in high torque applications.


The Star Flat Head anchors come with a color-coded star drive bit in all large 75 pack and bucket offerings. This includes the T-25 Star bit for 3/16" diameter and T30 for ¼" anchors.


The Tapcon Hex Head concrete screw anchor features new underhead ribs that resist anchor spin-outs and head snaps during installation. The underhead ribs limit over-torqueing of the anchor during installation.


Both anchors feature a unique thread design to provide reduced installation torque and a consistent drive across all concrete and masonry substrates. In addition, Tapcon’s Climaseal™ corrosion resistant coating provides long-lasting quality and durability.


The new screw anchors are available in 3/16" and 1/4" diameters in key sizes for most concrete fastening applications from 1 1/4" to 4" in length. They are available in a variety of small, medium and large pack counts along with even larger buckets. They are also available in a White Ultrashield™, Gray Maxiset™ and 410 Stainless Steel offerings.

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