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Convertible Benchtop Router Table

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware introduces a versatile, highly portable router table system that allows the user to switch from table routing to handheld routing—and back—without having to change the baseplate.


The Rockler Convertible Benchtop Router Table also provides multiple setup and mounting options and folds up securely for transport or storage, making it ideal for the jobsite or in small workshops where space is limited.


The plate is round at one end to match the shape of the router base and square at the other – ideal for use with straightedge guides when hand routing. The two-part design of the plates allows for the router to be rotated during mounting so the handles fit easily into the table’s plate opening during installation.


Two versions of the plate are available, one for midsize routers and one for compact models. Both include starter pins and have predrilled mounting holes to fit the most popular routers. The midsize plate comes with an insert ring with a 2 1/2" center opening; a set of insert rings with additional center opening diameters is available separately. The compact plate has a 1 1/4" center opening with a shoulder that can accept standard guide bushings.


The Convertible Benchtop Router Table also offers increased mounting flexibility because of the design of its sturdy steel leg system and pivoting feet. When the legs are in the typical “x” configuration, the table can be securely clamped or screwed to a benchtop or other flat work surface. (The non-slip feet have notches for clamps and predrilled mounting holes for screws.) If worktop space is tight, the legs can be reconfigured and secured with the attached locking pins to mount the table to wooden wall studs. The legs have predrilled mounting keyholes located 16” apart, and mounting screws are included.


In addition, the Convertible Benchtop Router Table incorporates many of the best features of larger tables, including a 1 1/8" thick melamine-coated MDF top, standard miter slot to fit a miter gauge and jigs, a sturdy aluminum fence with included 2 1/2" dust port and bit guard, adjustable fence faces with T-slots for featherboards and jigs and tall ergonomic knobs that make adjustments easy on the knuckles.


The Convertible Benchtop Router Table and plates are available in several configurations starting at $199.99.

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