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Deflection Clips

Based on industry demand for larger, stronger and easier to install deflection clips, Super Stud Building Products, Inc. (Super Stud) introduces a line of bypass deflection clips designed to use standard #12 screws for attachment to exterior wall studs.


The new clips, called SSB for Super Stud Bypass, have 3 equally spaced slots that are 3 ½" tall. These slots allow a full 3” of total movement, without adding any axial load to the studs. All clips and Glide Plates™ are made with 12 gauge, 50 ksi yield strength steel. All parts come standard with a G90 galvanized coating for added corrosion protection. Stiffeners along the top and bottom of the clip provide additional strength and stiffness. And the Glide Plate™ allows the connection to maintain close to maximum strength, even when one or more of the screws are stripped out.


The SSB clips come in lengths of 3 5/8", 6", 8", 10" and 12". All have three slots, except for the 3 5/8", which has 2. The SSB clips are the first in a series of Super Stud products that will use Glide Plate™ technology.

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