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Dynamic Life Safety

Safti-Seal has expanded its Life Safety Solutions and Fire Rated Gasket profiles. The peel-and-stick UL 2079 v.5 certified FRG joint protection is rated for 100% unencumbered movement, up to 4" deflection and 1- and 2-hour assemblies using a single profile. FRG profiles can be combined with “butt cut and go” track install and (SCAB) “snip slot” angle backing (UL certified backing solutions) to improve install production, safety and reduce trade overlap issues. Fire, smoke and sound rated tape-on protection can be installed, completed and inspected prior to stud, MEP and drywall install with moisture resistant solutions and in all weather conditions.


FRG profiles provide design, install and inspection streamlining of project Life Safety Protection. Safti-Seal solutions eliminate shrinkage call-backs, post drywall joint fill or drywall rip cover requirements and provide one-pass install maintenance-free assemblies for hidden and exposed conditions.


FRG gaskets are supplied in various widths from 3/4" to 4 3/4".

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