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Sto Corp. has re-engineered the classic look of brick and wood façades for buildings of all kinds with new prefabricated resin-cast shapes that combine eye-catching aesthetics with low maintenance and long-term durability. StoCast Brick and StoCast Wood are the latest innovations in external cladding.


StoCast Brick is comprised of custom-made resin-cast brick shapes that are lightweight, flexible, easy to apply, durable and sustainable. They are available in 30 standard brick options or project-specific colors, patterns and textures. Crews can install StoCast Brick in conjunction with Sto’s proprietary engineered wall systems or over prepared vertical above-grade concrete and concrete masonry. The bricks can also be installed over stucco walls, ceilings and soffits.


In a similar fashion, StoCast Wood is a collection of lightweight, flexible, resin-cast wood grain planks that delivers an authentic wood appearance. Designed with 45 different wood grain patterns, StoCast Wood ensures a natural wood look and avoids repeating wood patterns seen with other wall claddings. The planks are easy to apply and can be stained with StoColor® Wood Stain in a range of colors and in either a glossy or matte finish. They can also be coated with any of Sto’s high-performance architectural coatings. StoCast Wood may also be installed over Sto’s engineered building enclosure systems as well as concrete, concrete masonry and stucco walls, ceilings and soffits.

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