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Fastening & Drilling Accessories

DeWalt, maker of Impact Ready® Accessories, continues to expand its already large offering of Fastening & Drilling Accessories with new Impact Ready® Drill & Tap Accessories, Screw Lock Holder, Drive Guide and Masonry Accessories.


The primary features of the new Impact Ready® Drill & Tap Accessories include a 3-in-1 drill, tap and countersink feature, a speed tip and 1/4" material cut capacity.


The DeWalt Impact Ready® Drive Guide is designed for use in an impact driver. Made with stainless steel parts, the hex-shank, 1.5" sleeve extension, and FlexTorq™ bit holder provide durability and help with fastener retention. This design is perfect for residential and commercial fastening applications.


The Impact Ready® Screw Lock Holder offers 10x stronger magnetism than conventional holders and includes a quick release mechanism, floating ring magnet and removable sleeve. All of these features are optimal in residential and commercial trades.


Finally, the new Impact Ready® Masonry Accessories allow users to drill into brick and block with an impact driver. The one-piece solid core design removes material quickly as a result of their innovative flute design. They also feature a carbide tip to provide fast starts, ideal for residential construction applications.


DeWalt Impact Ready® accessories are designed for use with the DeWalt line of Impact Drivers. They will be available where DeWalt products are sold this summer.

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