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Gypsum Panels for Tile Applications

Expanding on its GlasRoc® portfolio of wall and ceiling products, CertainTeed presents GlasRoc® Tile Backer and GlasRoc® Tile Backer Type X.


The gypsum panels feature a specially formulated moisture-resistant core with engineered fiberglass facers, making them ideal for use behind tiles in interior rooms frequently subjected to moisture and high humidity. In addition, GlasRoc Tile Backer Type X is UL and ULC certified and may be used in UL and ULC fire resistance-rated assemblies.


GlasRoc Tile Backer gives the installer added flexibility because of the product’s range of acceptable thinsets and adhesives. Depending on the application, GlasRoc Tile Backer provides excellent adhesion with unmodified thinset, latex/polymer modified thinset and mastic adhesives.


GlasRoc Tile Backer cuts and snaps like standard gypsum panels and weighs up to 30% less than standard cement backer boards. It also generates low levels of silica exposure, per OSHA’s Crystalline Silica Rule for Construction guidelines.


Available in 1/2" thick 4' x 8' sheets at 34 pieces and in 5/8" thick 4' x 8' sheets at 26 pieces, GlasRoc Tile Backer is ideal for walls, ceilings and countertops when installing ceramic tiles, and as a wall backing for laminate-faced panels and fiberglass shower units and tubs, providing moisture, fire and sound resistance.

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