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High-Speed Auger Bits

Increased runtime in cordless power tools is the desire of every tool user, so a drill bit that improves the battery-runtime is an attention-getter. Bosch Daredevil® High-Speed Auger Bits are the power tool industry’s first to be engineered to work with cordless drills in high-speed mode. And thanks to optimized design that features decreased-pitch tips, these bits provide up to 2X more holes per battery charge.


Bosch Daredevil High-Speed Auger Bits have reinforced tips for superior performance against nail hits, which means up to 2X longer life than standard auger bits. Bit tips are designed to optimize feed rate so they can drill through wood and wood with nails in high-speed mode. A fortified spine on the bit provides added strength during aggressive drilling and material removal.


Effective bit length for Bosch Daredevil® High-Speed Auger Bits is 6 1/2", which allows users to employ them in between studs and in tight spaces. Bit diameters range from 1/2" to 1 3/8".

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