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Impact Driver Accessories

DEWALT has launched 6 new IMPACT READY® accessories that are optimized for DEWALT Impact Drivers.


The IMPACT READY® 18GA Shear Attachment is designed to make quick work out of metal cutting applications. This attachment fits in most impact drivers, so you get the speed of power shears without adding another power tool to your toolbox. The IMPACT READY® 18GA Shear Attachment has a 360° swivel for multiple cutting positions, extendable stability brace and 18GA shear cutters that cut through multiple materials.


The IMPACT READY® Right Angle Flexible Shaft Holder combines the convenience of a right angle attachment, the versatility of a flexible shaft and the security of a floating ring magnet for easy fastening. The IMPACT READY® Right Angle Flexible Shaft Holder has a Rapid Load™ head for easy bit changes and a 90° head.


The Bit Tip Holder features a floating ring magnet for 10X stronger magnetic retention on average vs. DW2505 using #8 truss-head screw and a quick-release action for easy bit tip changes. The IMPACT READY® Holder is durable enough to withstand the high torque of impact drivers, but slim enough for visibility while fastening. The quick release allows easy bit change and the compact design assists in reaching tight spaces. Also available are the IMPACT READY® Right Angle Attachment, the IMPACT READY® Rapid Load™ Holder, and the IMPACT READY® FlexTorq™ Sleeve for use with 2"–6" FlexTorq™ Screwdriving Bits.


The IMPACT READY® Masonry Bits each feature a carbide tip for fast drilling, innovative flute design for fast material removal and 1/4" Hex Shank for use with impact drivers. Drill and tap holes in one step with IMPACT READY® Combination Drill and Tap Bits. Each has a one-piece design, 1/4" Hex Shank, and Solid Core Design™ that helps to resist breakage.


Finally, the Impact Ready one-piece Titanium Bits offer the performance of titanium drill bits in your impact driver. The Solid Core Design™ helps to resist breakage while the Pilot Point® Tip starts on contact.


DEWALT IMPACT READY® accessories are designed to complete the DEWALT line of Impact Drivers and available anywhere DEWALT products are sold.

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