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Owens Corning announces its latest advancement: PINK Next Gen™ Fiberglas™ insulation. Featuring advanced fiber technology, this superior insulation solution enables up to 23% faster installation compared to the company’s existing products.


The advanced fiber technology of PINK Next Gen™ Fiberglas™ creates a tightly woven network of soft, fine fibers to form a super-resilient blanket of insulating micro-pockets. Leveraging several new technology innovations, the new product is safe for installers and residents and faster to install than competitive insulation products and spray foam insulation. Because no hazardous chemicals are required to be mixed on the install site, there is less potential for human error.


The product is designed to meet building codes and help professionals manage through tight labor timelines and budgets by reducing install time.


PINK Next Gen™ Fiberglas™ insulation enables insulation of up to 161 more homes per year (based on 1,457 square feet insulated cavity area). It has fewer clumps and chunks for fast, clean cutting and splitting, and it helps projects pass inspection with visibly superior texture and smooth uniform surface that inspectors desire.


Other features include less dust for more comfortable installation and less cleanup. The insulation is shed-resistant and stays on the batt, not on installers.


PINK Next Gen™ Fiberglas™ insulation is made with 100% wind-powered electricity. It is Underwriter Laboratories Greenguard certified for low volatile organic compounds.

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