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Interior Glass Gypsum Panel

Pabco® Gypsum announces the launch of Pabco Glass® Interior gypsum panels, its newest glass faced product. The 1/2" product is ideal for non-fire rated interior residential applications where moisture is a concern such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and basements. Comprised of a proprietary formula providing a mold- and water-resistant gypsum core, the product has been reinforced with glass fibers to increase core strength compared to 1/2" gypsum board.


Pabco’s interior glass gypsum panel can withstand exposure to normal weather conditions, up to one year, during construction. Therefore, it can be used in pre-rock construction where the structure is not completely closed in.


The product is noncombustible and dimensionally stable and resists warping, sagging and buckling. The interior glass gypsum panel complements Pabco Gypsum’s current glass faced product offering, which includes Pabco Glass® Sheathing and Pabco Glass® Shaftliner.


Pabco Glass Interior panels can also be used in place of cementitious tile backers as a backer for tile and plastic wall panels around bathtubs and showers.

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