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Knaack® announces the expansion of the Knaack Cart Armour™ product line, with the addition of 2 new models. The innovative Knaack Cart Armour is a patented mobile jobsite storage solution that was introduced in 2018 to protect tools from theft and damage. The secure interlocking steel paneling system encapsulates mobile utility carts to protect contents from being stolen while also preventing tools from falling from the cart and being damaged.


Designed specifically for commercial construction and contractors, the Knaack Cart Armour product line has been expanded to accommodate additional makes and models. Knaack Cart Armour™ is designed to provide protection for material and tools against convenience stealing. The high-quality, interlocking steel paneling system features 16-ga steel panels that can be installed without drilling in 15 minutes or less, for straightforward protection when it’s needed most.


Knaack Cart Armour is designed to wrap around the 8 most popular light duty rolling tool carts used in the construction industry. It can also be retro-fitted to select existing utility cart models already in service, without having to modify the cart in any way. The recessed lock design accommodates a variety of padlocks while preventing the lock from snagging on doorways, materials or clothing. The rubber grommet electrical pass-through allows power to be run to the interior of the mobile tool cart while keeping the cord free from damage.

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