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Large-Format Acoustic Panels

When specifying large-format metal ceiling panels for expansive commercial installations, designers are often forced to choose between acoustics and aesthetics. In order to achieve a monolithic look, acoustics and ease of installation have traditionally been sacrificed. When acoustics or installation speed become the primary focus, aesthetics have taken a back seat to convenience. This all changes with the launch of Plaza Large-Format Acoustic Panels by Hunter Douglas Ceiling & Wall Products, exclusively from CertainTeed.


The latest addition to an innovative line of metal ceilings from Hunter Douglas Ceiling & Wall Products, Plaza allows designers and installers to go big, go flat, go quiet and go easy. Featuring an ideal combination of lightweight strength, a monolithic look and speed of installation, Plaza changes the rules of metal ceilings in a big way. The large-format metal panels feature lightweight perforated aluminum construction and an innovative honeycomb core, helping them stay ultra-flat over time. A variety of sizes up to 4’ x 10’ simplifies installation while micro perforation achieves best-in-class acoustic performance (NRC 0.80).


Much of the installation efficiency of Plaza can be attributed to CertainTeed’s drywall grid and torsion spring suspension system. This superior suspension system offers heavy duty load-bearing capabilities.

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