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Linear Acoustical Panels

The SoundScapes® Blades™ line of linear acoustical panels from Armstrong® now includes new depths and shapes, adding hundreds of design combinations that reduce noise and define spaces with an upscale linear visual.


Available in both rectangular and new curved bottom wave designs, these unique vertical panels combine excellent acoustical absorption with sleek, linear design to reduce reverberation time and add visual interest to a space.


SoundScapes Blades are offered in standard 46" and 94" lengths. New 5", 16" and 28" depths have been added to the existing line of 10" and 22" deep rectangular panels to accommodate the height of any space. New curved bottom panels are available in 4' and 8' wavelengths and 6 depths ranging from 7.5" to 22.5". They can be specified in wave, concave and convex designs.


SoundScapes Blades are available in white and a palette of 13 standard Colorations colors. Made-to-order Sherwin-Williams® colors are also available.


The 2" thick fiberglass panels provide excellent acoustical absorption of 1.38 Sabins per square foot. The vertical panels are easily installed using a standard 15/16" Prelude XL suspension system or hung individually from the deck with a sleek aircraft cable hanging kit. The panels are pre-assembled with metal attachment brackets that accommodate both installation methods. They have been seismic tested and approved and have a Class A fire rating.


The panels are made from 71% recycled content and can be recycled through the Armstrong Ceiling Recycling Program at the end of their service life.

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