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Locking Plier

Irwin® announces the launch of its Vise-Grip® Next-Gen Fast Release™ Locking Pliers. With over 97 years of product innovation in the pliers’ market, the new Fast Release™ Locking Pliers are ergonomically designed to provide more control than ever before.


Irwin understands that repeated clamping is strenuous and causes fatigue; the innovation of its Fast Release™ Locking Pliers product line is designed with the user in mind, providing more comfort and control than the brand’s prior version of locking pliers. The user will have an easier time gripping, squeezing and releasing the locking plier because the hand span in the open position (the position most difficult to grab and operate a locking plier) is reduced by 20% (reduced hand span applies to 10" locking pliers and 11" locking C-clamps only). The pliers are more comfortable to use because end-users are not forced to open their hands wider than their natural span. The reduced hand span also allows a one-handed operation, leaving the other hand free for the user to support themselves on a ladder.


Primary users for the Fast Release™ Locking Pliers include welders, contractors (especially in the metal framing industry) and DIYers. Primary uses include holding/clamping, bolt and fastener removal, welding and soldering pipe. Irwin is pleased to announce that the new design of the pliers now allows for them to be used in most welding/metalworking applications, due to the absent upper grip and minimalist lower grip; a design that is less susceptible to weld spatter.

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