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Oscillating Power Tools

Just last month, FEIN introduced all oscillating power tools with the new, patented Starlock tool mount. This mounting system, developed jointly with Bosch, precisely matches machine and accessories and ensures maximum power transmission and perfect results. The accessories, which have been available since January, reach their full performance capabilities in combination with the new oscillating power tools: Starlock accessories are changed in less than 3 seconds. With the FEIN Starlock mount accessories, the new FEIN MultiMaster and MultiTalent work up to 35% faster than their predecessors. The FEIN SuperCut achieves up to 45% faster cutting speeds.


The Starlock power tool and accessory system works faster, more conveniently and more economically than previous systems with conventional tool mounts. The accessory snaps onto the power tool mount and locks in securely. Starlock accessories are equipped with a recessed, 3-dimensional mount and achieves more precise results and up to 45% faster work progress. FEIN is the only supplier to manufacture its E-Cut saw blades with a rigid stainless steel holder. This makes the blades even more powerful and with less vibration, less noise and greater precision. Original FEIN accessories with Starlock mount are compatible with most oscillating machines in the market (FEIN, Bosch and other manufacturers with 12-point mounts). Up to 25% faster performance is achieved with all FEIN oscillating power tools in the market.


The battery-operated power tools (from 12 to 18 volts) are as powerful as the corresponding corded models. FEIN has tuned the system of power tool and accessories for high power, fast work progress and precise results. With over 100 different accessories, this manufacturer offers the largest variety of applications. Many parts are patented and only available from FEIN.


With 250 watts, the new FEIN MultiTalent FMT 250 (Q)SL works in a powerful and reliable manner. It is designed as an entry-level model to the professional class and works faster on interior construction and renovation jobs than most other oscillating power tools in the market. It is shipped with the basic accessories for sanding and sawing. Among the cordless versions, the FEIN MultiTalent AFMT 12 (Q)SL, with 12 volt lithium-ion batteries and a weight of only 3.3 lbs., is especially easy to use. The FEIN MultiTalent is available with the QuickIN fast change system.

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