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Prefabricated Doorway Arch Kits

Create picture-perfect arches and rounded doorways quickly and simply with Go With The Curve™ Arch Kits from Fulcrum Composites, Inc.


The prefabricated arches install and finish like drywall, but in a fraction of the time. No additional framing is required, and there is no need to wet, score and bend drywall to the curve.


Choose from round and elliptical arches that are prefabricated to fit 30" or 36" door openings. Rounded Corners can be used on any size doorway. Custom shapes and dimensions are available on request.


Made in the USA, all arches are 1/2" thick and 3 1/2" wide to fit a standard wall stud. Other widths are available on request.


Installation is fast and easy. Fasten prefabricated arches to the door jamb with drywall screws. Screw flat drywall strips around the jamb and add blocking from scrap 2×4. Then screw a drywall face sheet over the door opening. Trim it with your preferred drywall edging, then tape, mud and finish as usual.

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