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ProForm Finishing Products Now in Environmentally Friendly Packaging

3 ProForm Finishing Products

ProForm Finishing Products, LLC, an affiliate of National Gypsum Company, introduces a new, more environmentally friendly pail while continuing to deliver the same industry-leading product and performance expected by contractors and finishers.

The traditional white ProForm pail will switch to black as the company partners with its pail manufacturer, Berry Global, to include 30% post-consumer recycled plastic in each pail. The transition started in November and will take place over the next year at all ProForm manufacturing plants.

As a result of the lower greenhouse gas emissions from Berry Global’s pail production, the final pail product has a lower environmental impact. Switching to the new pail will cut total greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 2,332 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year by eliminating 3.8 million pounds of virgin High Density Poly Ethylene annually. The CO2 savings is equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions from 519 gas-powered passenger vehicles driven in a year, 5,394 barrels of oil consumed, and carbon sequestered by 2,781 acres of U.S. forests in one year.

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