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Reciprocating Saw

Milwaukee Tool introduces the M18 FUEL™ Sawzall® w/ONE-KEY™. Cutting faster than corded, the M18 FUEL™ Sawzall® w/ONE-KEY™ delivers over 40% more run time and 5X longer tool life, making it the most powerful 18V cordless reciprocating saw on the market. Compatible with ONE-KEY™, users will be able to customize the tool’s performance for unrivaled productivity, as well as track and manage the tool through the app.


Through ONE-KEY™, users will be able to customize, track and manage their new Sawzall®. Unlimited Tool Customization within ONE-KEY™ allows users options to customize a variety of settings in managing the Sawzall®’s output, including adjusting the speed for smoother cut starts and engaging an automatic cut brake. This gives the user ultimate control to specifically set or adjust the speed for different materials beyond the variable speed trigger. They can create their own profile and, with the touch of a button on the tool, easily go back and forth between saved profiles so each application is done with the most accurate and productive settings. Once the tool is set, a phone is no longer needed. Users can also access available setups based on common applications and materials.


ONE-KEY’s Integrated Tool Tracking functionality will make tracking the Sawzall® as easy as pulling out a phone, allowing users to identify where and when their saw was last seen. With Simplified Tool and Equipment Management, users will also have a central place to take inventory of their tools and equipment.

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