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Rotary Lasers and Accessories

Milwaukee Tool announces the launch of four new M18™ Rotary Lasers and two new accessories. These M18™ Rotary Lasers are impact protected with the ability to withstand 1 1/2-meter drops and 2-meter tripod tips and provide a simplified setup for users.
The M18™ Red Exterior Rotary Laser delivers accurate results when leveling on the job site and features manual masking shutters, which block the laser in any desired direction to prevent interference with other lasers on the site. The laser features precise accuracy at 3/32″ at 100′ and a simple one-button setup. The Milwaukee Red Exterior Rotary Laser Receiver detects the red laser line up to 2,000′ (diameter). Built-in strobe protection reduces interference from other light sources.
The M18™ Red Dual Slope Exterior Rotary Laser is the ideal solution for leveling, aligning and squaring applications. This laser features fast, accurate grade match and can adjust slope remotely with a duplicated remote display. The 1/16″ at 100′ laser accuracy ensures precise measurements and the M18™ Red Dual Slope Rotary Laser receiver detects up to 4,000’ (diameter). The laser and included remote feature a simplified menu navigation and digital display.
The M18™ Green Interior Rotary Laser features Center-Find for easy, fast and automatic long-range alignment. The green beam rotary laser features precise accuracy at 1/16″ at 100′ and the receiver can detect up to 1,000′ (diameter). Large LED screens deliver clear visibility, whether used indoors or outdoors. The Green Interior all-in-one remote receiver provides simplified menu navigation and built-in magnets for adaptable placement.
With a durable aluminum design, the Milwaukee rotary laser tripod withstands more impacts and tips on the job site. The smoother height adjustment allows the legs to be quickly adjusted and delivers an easier setup in any environment. The rotary wall mount provides the fastest mounting with a single dial setup and mounting capability on flat, vertical or horizontal materials.

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