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Slope Beam and Multi-Axis Moment Applications

Simpson Strong-Tie introduces newly validated slope beam and multi-axis moment applications for its Yield-Link moment connection for structural steel construction.


Designed to absorb forces in a seismic or high wind event, the Yield-Link moment connection requires no field welding and allows beams to be designed without supplemental lateral bracing. This means fewer fabricated steel elements and field connections are needed, which helps reduce onsite labor costs, licensing fees and construction time for contractors facing a critical shortage of skilled field welders.


Simpson Strong-Tie engineers have developed two solutions utilizing the Yield-Link moment connection with sloped structural beams. At the roof level, structural steel beams are often sloped to accommodate drainage, and the new solutions provide greater design flexibility and streamlined field connections when using the Yield-Link in slope beam applications.


In addition to the slope beam applications, Simpson Strong-Tie introduces solutions utilizing the Yield-Link for multi-axis moment connections. Designed for corner, 3-sided and 4-sided column connections, Yield-Link multi-axis moment connection solutions provide a connection that resists moment demand in both directions of the column.


The new slope beam and multi-axis moment solutions for Yield-Link moment connections are available for viewing on the Simpson Strong-Tie website and is incorporated the new structural steel and Yield Link connection design guide. Simpson Strong-Tie also provides software plugins and design support services to help designers, fabricators and erectors integrate Yield-Link connections in their designs and shop details.


The Yield-Link moment connection is a prequalified connection for steel special moment frames in ANSI/AISC 358-16 and is code listed in ICC-ES ESR-2802.

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