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Sound Clip

ClarkDietrich is expanding its line of clips and connectors with the addition of the ClarkDietrich Sound Clip, giving building and design professionals an easy way to fasten gypsum wallboard to framing members in various wall, floor and ceiling applications where sound containment is a priority. ClarkDietrich Sound Clip significantly reduces the amount of airborne sound filtering from room to room, making it an ideal solution for multifamily dwellings, hotels, theaters and hospitals.


Used in conjunction with 18 mil (25 ga) 7/8" deep drywall furring channel, the clip functions as a decoupler, permitting the attachment of gypsum board to the framing members without any actual contact between the two components. The product has been tested as a component of various wall and floor/ceiling assemblies—including those constructed with both Type X and Type C gypsum wallboard—showing notable increases in STC ratings.


ClarkDietrich Sound Clip is UL fire rated for most common assemblies and complies with UL 263 test standards. The clips are designed to allow maximum spacing of 48" o.c. (laterally) x 24" o.c. (vertically), with maximum acoustical loads of 36 lbs. Product support and delivery information is available through ClarkDietrich Clip ExpressSM.

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