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DeWalt introduces the DeWalt Metal Workshop Storage System, a fully integrated storage solution to organize power tools, hand tools, outdoor equipment, stick tools, power tool accessories and more. The line consists of metal tool storage chests and cabinets as well as 25 new workshop accessories (sold separately) utilizing a heavy-duty metal rail as the centerpiece of the platform.
Each chest features a DeWalt metal rail mounted inside as well as a battery rail that organizes up to four DeWalt batteries. Each cabinet has two metal rails mounted to the outside of the cabinet as well as two power tool holsters.
The chests and cabinets are built with heavy-gauge steel and feature full-extension, soft-close, ball-bearing drawers. Small drawers have a single set of slides and a max capacity of 100 lbs., while large and deep drawers are fortified with double slides that support up to 150 lbs. per drawer.
As the centerpiece of the complete DeWalt Integrated Storage System, the durable steel rail can be mounted to DeWalt metal chests, cabinets and workbenches or directly to walls. With heavy-duty steel construction, this durable rail can support up to 100 lbs. per linear foot and works with a range of system accessories.
For storage of tools, batteries and chargers, DeWalt has designed compatible rails, holsters, mounts, shelves and cabinets.

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