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Strap Hangers

The STH Adjustable Strap Hanger Series from Alpine features 17 easy-to-install products that provide unparalleled performance and versatility on the job site. They are engineered to maximize productivity by speeding and simplifying the installation process in a range of construction applications.


Offering outstanding durability and value, these hangers provide higher load-carrying capacities for all lumber species and load duration factors than comparable products. In addition, their innovative design requires the use of fewer nails, which helps speed product installation. The hangers also can be conveniently field-formed to facilitate top flange installation.


The STH Adjustable Strap Hanger Series can be installed via multiple methods, including top flange and face mounting.


Designed, engineered and manufactured by Alpine, the hangers are made from high-strength, mill-certified steel. They are backed by nearly 50 years of engineering excellence and experience.


All of the hangers in the new STS Adjustable Strap Hanger Series carry IAPMO (ER_0179) and FBC (FL 14079-R4) engineering approvals.

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