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Synthetic Products Catalogs

Fypon, LLC has published two new product catalogs showcasing the versatility of the company’s synthetic product lines. The Fypon® 2015 Polyurethane Catalog and Stone & Timber Catalog include nearly 200 new polyurethane products, including the launch of the Classic Woodgrain and Sandstone product lines.


The 232-page Fypon 2015 Polyurethane Catalog includes more than 2,600 synthetic pieces in the categories of window and door trim, moldings, decorative millwork, louvers and gable vents, balustrade systems, and porch posts, columns and post wraps. With the introduction of the new Classic Woodgrain and Sandstone textures, Fypon now offers 8 different textures on products including Smooth, Stone, Standard Woodgrain, Tahoe Style Beams, Mesa Style Beams, Milled Style Beams, Classic Woodgrain and Sandstone (available this month). All polyurethane products can be painted or stained to achieve the desired look.


Detailed product descriptions and measurements of each product make the catalog a valuable tool for both building industry professionals enhancing commercial and residential products along with homeowners working on do-it-yourself projects. Each section of the catalog offers information on how to order products, explanations of accessory items and advice on ordering both pre-fabricated and custom products.


The new 48-page Fypon Stone & Timber Catalog features almost 400 products with one of the seven texture finishes of Stone, Sandstone (available in April 2015), Standard Woodgrain, Classic Woodgrain, Milled Style Beams, Mesa Style Beams and Tahoe Style Beams. Product categories include window and door trim, moldings, decorative millwork, louvers and gable vents, balustrade systems, and porch posts, columns and post wrap. New products in the 2015 catalog include timber crossheads, moldings, tile vents, brackets and columns.


Products in both catalogs resist moisture, insect infestations, warping, cracking and splitting. And, all products can be specified for free on project blueprints as part of the Fypon Full-Service Takeoff Service.


Copies of both catalogs are available for viewing and downloading from the Fypon website.

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