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Three-Plane Leveling and Alignment Line Lasers

When the job is leveling and alignment, sometimes it takes a family to get the job done right. Bosch GLL3-330CG, GLL3-330C and GLL3-300 Three-Plane Leveling and Alignment Line Lasers deliver accuracy, long range and convenient all-in-one job layout to meet a variety of tasks on the job site. The self-leveling lasers provide one 360° horizontal plane and two 360° vertical planes with references that cover the floor, wall and ceiling to serve all leveling needs. The 2 vertical lines cross at 90° angles so the user can quickly arrange and square the layout of the room from one mark.


The family of Bosch three-plane leveling and alignment line lasers will be available starting this month.


The GLL3-330C (red beam) and GLL3-330CG (green beam) are Bluetooth® connected, which brings an added measure of efficiency and convenience to the user. With upgraded diodes and brighter beams, these plane lasers offer a visible range up to 200’ diameter, increasing to 330’ diameter when paired with an optional Bosch LR8 or LR 6 receiver for full jobsite coverage. The GLL3-330CG’s green laser diodes generate green lines up to 4X brighter than standard red beams. The tool excels in ambient and bright lighting environments, allowing the user to see lines easily.


The lasers have dual power technology to accommodate either a Bosch 12V Max Lithium-ion battery or four AA alkaline batteries. The 12V Max battery provides power in a compact package for extended laser runtime on all-day layout jobs.


In addition, users can control the operation of the GLL3-330C and GLL3-330CG Bosch lasers remotely with a smartphone and the free Bosch Levelling Remote App, available at the Apple App Store® and Google Play™ Store. The app allows users to turn the leveling laser on and off, select the number of laser planes active and adjust the visibility of the laser lines. The app also provides battery status and out-of-level alerts.


The GLL3-300 offers upgraded diodes and a brighter red beam with a visible range of up to 200’ diameter and 300’ diameter when using an optional Bosch LR8 or LR6 receiver for full jobsite coverage. The tool is powered by four AA alkaline batteries.


All 3 lasers feature Bosch-exclusive VisiMax Technology, which monitors the laser’s temperature to ensure maximum diode performance. VisiMax delivers optimum visibility for all jobsite conditions while protecting the laser diodes from overheating. This helps maintain the life and reliability of the tool even when used at extreme temperatures.

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