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Three-Speed Impact Driver

The WORX® Nitro™ 20V 3-Speed Impact Driver features a digital keypad to change speed and impact rate electronically. Outfitted with a high-performance brushless motor, the driver runs 50% longer and is 25% more powerful than conventional brushed motors.


The impact driver’s high-efficiency brushless motors runs cooler with less friction and heat buildup than conventional motors with brushes, resulting in maintenance-free operation with 10x motor life.


The Nitro 20V 3-Speed impact driver has a ¼" chuck, and only accepts hex-shanked bits. These bits are gripped evenly on all six sides by the chuck to prevent slippage.


The impact driver features 3 speed ranges: 0–900, 0–2,400 and 0–3,000 no load rpm. The corresponding impact rates are 0–1,200, 0–3300 and 0–4,000 impacts per minute. A built-in electronic digital keypad is used to select the desired speed/impact rate to match the application. The driver’s maximum torque is 2,100 in.-lbs.


An impact driver quickly sinks a variety of hex-shanked fasteners with rotational force (impacts), minimizing stripped screw heads. Because concussions are channeled to the fastener, there is no residual effect on the user’s wrist or forearm. And with 2,100 in.-lbs. of torque, the driver can manage the most demanding jobs.


The Nitro 20V impact driver weighs only 3.4 lbs. (with battery). It has a built-in LED light that illuminates the work area when the trigger is pressed and signals a low-battery charge level when flashing.

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