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Turf announces the launch of its first all-in-one, wall-to-ceiling solution collection—Barcode, Linear and Grille—crafted to offer visual depth, versatility and a dynamic aesthetic to acoustically optimize spaces.
The distinctive depth and size of the blades make each system unique within the ceiling-to-wall offering, whether mounted on ceilings, walls or both. Grille’s blades are deeper than they are wide, and Linear’s blades are wider than they are deep, providing the foundation for Barcode, a mix of Linear and Grille with varied blades, gaps and fills that create eye-catching depth.

Offered in a selection of standard pre-set panel types, the product line actively minimizes waste and optimizes material yield. Simple installation is achieved through Turf’s patented Gridlock connection (for ceilings) and Z-clip mounts (for walls), and all products allow for trim-in-field capabilities.

Each product comes with endless customization options with various offered layouts, Turf’s exclusive Hues palette and eight Turf Textures. These solutions are also available in conjunction with Slate LED, which can be purchased separately from Axis Lighting.

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