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Work Gloves

Safety on the job site is imperative and the most prevalent injuries involve the hands. Most pros don’t wear gloves because they don’t properly fit, aren’t designed for the multiple tasks presented each day, or fear they will get in the way of them performing their jobs.


While there have been significant strides in synthetic materials that aim to increase performance, durability and fit, it is not until these qualities are combined in the appropriate proportions that gloves will be widely accepted in the workplace. StoneBreaker is one company that has proven to have accomplished this design trifecta.


Every pair of StoneBreaker gloves is constructed of the highest-quality materials, from the leather to the thread, which provide better protection and longer life while providing a “second-skin” fit.


Included in the Trades Line are the NailBender gloves.


The NailBender is designed for all-purpose, light-duty work where dexterity is important. To accomplish this, StoneBreaker integrated articulated double-stitched fingers to withstand most tasks, yet allowing users to naturally bend fingers without the materials bunching up at the knuckles.


The .5mm synthetic leather palms add protection while the breathable, stretchy mesh back provides for added comfort during hot and humid conditions.

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