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Wynn Retail Plaza, Las Vegas

Wynn Retail Plaza

Las Vegas, Nevada

AWCI Member Contractor: George M. Raymond Co.

The following project was submitted to AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Quality Awards program in 2019 in the EIFS category.

George M. Raymond Co. began their work on the Wynn Retail Plaza in Las Vegas in March 2017 and finished the job six and a half months later after 15,585 man-hours.


Prior Wynn projects would have used masonry, but this 57,336-square-foot project required updating to modern materials, and this is where exterior insulation and finish systems come in. “Block stone” walls were created using 2-inch foam with reveals and a troweled “travertine” texture plaster with a faux paint finish. The smooth-finished molding shapes were a combination of EPS foam, FRP and GFRC depending on location and function. GFRC was used on bases, and FRP was used for the light coves.


Concealing the light fixtures and providing drainage for the coves was a challenge. Coordination between the façade and offsite fabricated canopy contractor was critical to the project’s success.


Other difficulties encountered include the engineering of a framing system of offsite fabricated panels due to schedule and site constraints. The façade dead loads had to be carried to the second level slab; only lateral loads were imposed on the roof deck.


Integrating EIFS, GFRC and FRP to simulate textured stone finishes was also a challenge. The Raymond team used trowel textures, faux paint steps to achieve the desired effects. Stone joints were aligned between EIFS and FRP.


The team also had to achieve continuous insulation requirements behind the moldings. Mineral wool was cut and fitted into backs of parts.


Finally, integrating non-visual water drainage systems into the FRP light coves was accomplished by using SS clips and embeds to create continuous weeps.


This project demonstrates the diverse and exceptional capabilities that exist within both the skills of this industry’s craftspeople and the available materials. Being able to transcend the substrate materials of studs, sheathing, foam, plaster, cast concrete and fiber-reinforced plastic to deliver a unified project that looks like it was built in another time and place is quite an achievement. This is only possible through the many years of development from our material manufacturers and from our craft training programs. This project exemplifies the best qualities of our industry.


George M Raymond Co., part of The Raymond Group, has offices in Northern and Southern California, San Diego and Las Vegas. Eighty years ago the company started with lath and plaster services and has grown into one of the wall and ceiling industry’s leading full service, design-assist, specialty finish and theming contractors. Visit to learn more about this AWCI member’s company and work.

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