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We have a lot going on in this issue of AWCI’s Construction Dimensions, so buckle up! I will start at the beginning.


Astute readers will notice that we have renamed the “Wachuwannano” column. Now it will be known as “Codes & Standards,” and it is written by Don Allen, AWCI’s new director of technical services. It’s still the same great technical information but with new names attached to it. Don’s reputation for his industry knowledge and experience are well known in the industry, and thanks to his new position, he will be sharing that knowledge with our readers on a regular basis.


Our first feature section tells you all about the people and companies that won awards during Build23: AWCI’s Convention + Expo, which was held in March in Las Vegas. Our Pinnacle Award winner, Brent Allen, couldn’t be more deserving, in my opinion. (Apparently many others agree with me, so I feel comfortable saying that.) I have known Brent and his work for a long time now, and I think it’s about time he was honored in such a fantastic way. Brent has supported AWCI and the industry in numerous ways over the decades, and he is highly respected by his peers. You can read more about him and those who won AWCI’s excellence awards for quality construction work and safety by going to page 24. Congratulations to all for a job well done!


Then we have a special section on acoustics and insulation. If you are looking to add specialties and are looking for fields that complement each other, you might think acoustics and insulation are a match made in heaven. But maybe not. Turn to page 34 to find out why.


Our third article focuses on women in construction. Earlier this year, AWCI Education Program Manager Thao Nguyen interviewed nine women executives to create a video in honor of Women in Construction Week in March. (If this sounds familiar, it means you read President Vap’s message for this month.) The result was a three-part series called “A Different Path: Women in Construction.” Thao did such a good job that we turned some of the video comments into the article you will find on page 40.


You can imagine it may be difficult to be a woman in construction, but it is also rewarding. The six women in this article (and all nine in the videos) openly discuss the challenges, advantages and disadvantages of being a woman in the field, and the growth they see in the industry. Whether I agree or disagree with their comments, I definitely learned a lot. All the women are inspiring, and it makes me proud to know my gender isn’t holding back. They are moving onward and upward, and they are getting the job done.



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