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How’s Your Reputation?

You probably noticed that the print issue of this magazine is packaged with the Buyers’ Guide of AWCI member suppliers. This version has been updated from the one you received last September. More supplier members joined AWCI in the last several months, and while the document is never going to be 100 percent up-to-date because the market continues to grow, expand and merge, the version you have today is more current than the one you received four months ago. Packaging it as a stand-alone document also makes it easier to use until the next version is published this coming September. And if you simply can’t wait for September, you can always go online to for updated information.


We begin 2020 with a magazine that puts the spotlight on your company and its reputation. Our lead article, which starts on page 26, will help you build and maintain a purpose-driven culture. In the article, our writer, Mark L. Johnson, encourages readers to not overlook what some feel is “touchy-feely fluff.” In fact, he points out that the experts say “culture-focused companies realize higher financial returns, achieve better customer satisfaction scores, boost their employee retention and achieve greater innovation in the marketplace.” In addition to the experts, we interviewed AWCI member contractors who focus on their company culture. These folks know, respect and practice culture with a purpose, and it’s working for them. So how can you not give this one a read?


Following that, on page 32, Doug Bellamy delves into making sure you and your company have a credible reputation. This involves loyalty, proper management (no micromanaging!) and treating employees with respect. It does not involve money. Doug also advises on how to recover from a loss of credibility, even if it takes a long, long time.


Finally, S.S. Saucerman is back with a look at the good old days (page 40). In his usual witty prose, he looks back on how things used to be with much appreciation, but he also looks forward to the future when robotic systems will hang board and deliveries may be made by drones. He also points out several useful advancements we currently employ today.


And those are the highlights, but as you know, there’s much more to an issue of AWCI’s Construction Dimensions. Start reading, and enjoy!

I will close by reminding you that I can always be reached via email ( if you have an idea for a story for us. Do you have a project you’re doing that you’d like to tell us about? What challenges are you having trouble meeting, and how can we help? Are codes and standards confusing you? Is your team’s morale getting a little low? We’re here for you, just let us know.

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