Getting Paid, Tools & Shows

Kevin Biddle

October 2007

Does it seem like the majority of your time in some months is spent chasing down the money for work you have done and billed 30, 50 or even 70 days ago? It seems that everyone I talk to has an average collection cycle of 50-55 days. Everyone has their ways of trying to stay on top of their receivables, ranging from weekly phone calls to preferred numbers on bid day. In this month’s issue of AWCI’s Construction Dimensions, there is a feature on what others like you do to get paid. Check it out. It may help you find the missing link between cashing in or cashing out.

Also, check out the information on new products in this issue. From EIFS finishes to drywall to tools, there are many new products being introduced this fall. Our association would not be where it is today without the support both financially and technologically of our suppliers and manufacturers, and you will find many of our members represented in this Fall New Product Guide. I hope you will give them your business.

Speaking of new products, a group of AWCI members will be traveling to Paris for the Batimat trade show this November. I am told by some Batimat veterans that I had better be prepared to walk because the show covers more than one million square feet of exhibit space. I look forward to reporting on the trip in a future issue.

By the time you read this we will be back from another successful Industry Executives’ Conference & Committee Week in San Diego and looking forward to annual convention and the Intex Expo in Las Vegas next spring. In between these meetings there is the Academy 2008, which will be held in Denver in February. Look for a brochure coming soon, and please think about sending a few employees to this great weekend of seminars and networking.

In the meantime, here is to hoping we all land the job we want this month and collect the receivables we’ve been looking for the longest!