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AWCI Revamps Award Procedures and Criteria

As AWCI continues to hone and improve its awards program, members will notice changes in the 2024 nomination forms for the quality and safety awards.

The AWCI Industry Awards Committee revamped the 2024 Excellence in Construction Quality Award’s nomination form, and it will no longer ask nominees to list the member suppliers and manufacturers involved on the nominated project. To place even more emphasis on construction quality, scoring has been adjusted to ensure that the judges’ scores will be used 100% to recognize quality construction.


But because this award is designed to encourage AWCI members to work with and support each other, member suppliers and manufacturers will be requested after the winners are determined. More nominees may be asked to supply the same list to help determine the winner in the case of a very close score for the top two (or three) in a particular category. This new approach allows all members involved on the winning project to receive recognition for their work while placing an even greater emphasis on construction quality.


The AWCI Safety Directors Committee decided that the AWCI Excellence in Construction Safety Award program should place more emphasis on leading indicators of safety performance, such as the tracking of safe and unsafe work practices, the percentage of safety inspection issues that have been properly corrected, and the frequency of investigations of near-miss incidents. Because lagging indicators such as recordable cases, lost workday cases and experience modification rates are often very poor indicators of safety performance, the committee believes that greater emphasis on leading indicators will more accurately depict the effectiveness of participating companies’ safety cultures.


Nominations for AWCI’s quality award will open in late June, and safety award nominations will open in December. Watch for details.

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