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Vellrath Company Receives Patent for UFP

Universal Fireproofing Patch has been granted a U.S. Patent, the first of its kind within the fireproofing industry in 40 years.


In 2012, Tim Vellrath, P.E., MBA, developed a unique patch kit, Universal Fireproofing Patch, specifically designed for the repair of damaged fireproofing. The impetus for Vellrath to create the UFP formula was apparent when it was discovered that fireproofing may have been a factor in the World Trade

Center building collapse in 2001. Vellrath served as a consultant to the investigatory committee members of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which studied the collapse.


The key was to develop a product that was easy to apply, simple to use and low in cost, yet compatible with all existing fireproofing products to meet the “universality” aspect of UFP. It also meets all thermal requirements and regulations. UFP is fully vetted by 3 national and independent laboratories: Underwriters Laboratories, VTEC Laboratories, and Intertek Laboratories using ASTM E119, ASTM E84 and UL 263 standards. It also received AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Innovation Award in 2014.

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