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Communication Is Key

This is the first time I have spoken to you since AWCI’s Virtual Industry Leaders Conference in September. I know the format was not what we are used to, but I hope everyone had time to participate in some of the educational opportunities and gained some valuable insights. I’m sure everyone enjoyed the experience, but I also hope it is the last time we have a virtual conference. I am excited for the time when we can all get together and reconnect with people we have been unable to see during these challenging times.


Let’s talk about communications and how it impacts our businesses. Communications has been a hot topic for quite some time now. I can remember just about every seminar I have been to over my 25 years in this industry. A common topic was the failure to communicate, and how that leads to many of the challenges we face. It begs the question: Is effective communication that hard to grasp, or is it an ever-evolving skill? As I am sure many of you know, as part of AWCI’s Virtual Industry Leaders Conference we had an educational session discussing this exact topic, specifically pertaining to today’s world.


With all the tools we have available to us today, communication is not something we should struggle with. Even without having people in the office now, we have access to all the tools necessary to ensure everything still runs smoothly. I believe good communication with our teams is vital to the success on our projects.


Good communication within a team, especially as it pertains to current projects, ensures that everyone stays up-to-date on events and can plan accordingly. Also, just as critical, having an open dialogue between different levels of an organization ensures that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal.


Without effective communications, delays and other problematic issues can result. On the other hand, when good communications are achieved by a business, we see a number of positive outcomes—everything, from projects to daily tasks, runs smoother and more efficiently. When people communicate effectively, it allows everyone to know exactly what is happening and they can work through any problems that arise.

In addition to being 2020–2021 president of the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry, Chip McAlpin is division president of the Jackson, Miss., and Louisiana offices of F.L. Crane & Sons.

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