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Donald or Hillary?

Back in September 2015, when we had more than 15 people campaigning to be president of the United States, we asked you, our readers, to tell us which candidate was the best choice for the construction industry. At that time, when people like Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker were still in the lineup, nearly 80 percent of our respondents selected Donald Trump as their choice.


Now, nearly 10 months later, we are down to two candidates, businessman and reality television star Donald Trump and former first lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and it’s time to ask again. Are our readers still standing by Trump? Yes, they are.


In this month’s (unscientific) poll, which ran for a few days in mid-June, 74 percent of those who responded to our “Trump or Clinton” question selected Trump. However, unlike 10 months ago when no one—no one—named Clinton as their choice, she now garners 13 percent of the vote.

Here are some of the reasons why some are planning to vote for Clinton:

She is left-center, will work with Congress and seek consensus. I also believe she will break the political gridlock we now see. Trump would wreck employment by sending 11 million workers out of the country. Try building houses, running restaurants and doing all the low paying jobs then. Clinton will also seek infrastructure spending.

Trump doesn’t believe in paying contractors what they are due. He doesn’t respect us. He will be unpredictable by constantly changing the rules, which will make business slow to a crawl. See the USA Today story from 6/9/16:

In addition to some saying Clinton cannot be trusted or simply “I can’t stand Hillary,” here are the reasons why some of you are giving your November vote to Trump:

Trump is a businessman. That is what this country (and our industry) needs to get us back on track. He knows what it takes to run a successful business, and he knows that is becoming harder and harder in today’s over-regulated business environment. He will take a hard look at the burdensome regulations that are making it so difficult to function efficiently today. I believe he will make every effort to get the government off our backs! Hillary? Don’t get me started …

Clinton will continue Obama’s policies. The last eight years didn’t help the construction industry.

It’s my belief that a businessman will create more jobs than a crooked politician. Donald Trump for president!

My choice is Trump. He’s a businessman and he knows you’ve got to have the economy moving to make profits. I believe he’ll cut the fat and wasteful spending the splurge of sending our monies and jobs overseas. Electing another politician is like giving your kids money all through their upbringing and they never learn how to earn or respect what it takes to make it, and that’s why the U.S. has nearly $20 trillion of debt. I think it’s time to see what a businessman can do for Our Country and kick many of these leeches to the side.

—Bruce Brown,CEO @ Asars Inc.

I believe it’s Trump. He knows how to run a business. He can appoint people in office who have morals and values. Hillary is a murderer and crook. I wish the people of America would not pick a party just because. The current people in office (both parties) have really done nothing for the job market. I am a small business and I see so many guys out of work. I am a God-loving American.

Trump for sure. Build the wall. The illegals in the drywall business are hurting us in Ohio. They work for $ 3/sheet, no benefits. Go to the hospital if hurt and get free care. This drives up my workers’ comp and insurance rates. The people that hire them and take advantage of them need to be dealt with. It is illegal to hire illegals. We also need to curb imports from China. They are stealing our ideas and jobs and sending us cheap junk. Buy American. Be American. Do not drive cars from countries that have killed Americans.

—Tom Olsavsky, Valley Acoustics Inc.

Trump is for bringing back manufacturing, tapping our natural resources, fixing infrastructure. He has already proven he has the know-how and experience to get major construction projects done. He owes no one and will hopefully shake up our current, ineffective government.

Trump is a builder.

Of the two bad choices, Trump for sure! A socialist liberal who will raise taxes and provide no incentives for business growth is not an option! Trump will help get the illegal immigration under control that continues to plague the construction industry! Politically correct or not, the construction industry has a bad addiction to illegal labor! Let’s clean it up!


Trump understands the balance between materials, labor, management and profit. The country is just that—a huge corporation and it should be run as such and not a private candy store for a chosen few. Construction may increase short term in a faltering economy, but to remain steady the economy needs to maintain a steady yet marginal explanation.

Finally, we received some responses that fall in the “Other” category. For example, Keith Kennedy of Aries Contracting Ottawa Inc. picked Canada’s Justin Trudeau, while reader Chris Ball of Ball CM said simply, “I think they are both likely to revitalize backyard bomb shelter construction.”

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