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Presidential To-Do’s

It is probably safe to say that fixing the economy will be a priority for the president-elect of the United States. After the economy, what one issue (immigration, war, health care, homeland security or something else) should be high on Barack Obama’s to-do list, and why?

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A good start would be to enforce our immigration laws opening up many jobs to U.S. citizens. Investing in new and growing industry, like wind and solar, would help spur job growth now and slow energy dependence in the future. The new industries will most certainly need new and remodeled workplaces, thus helping us in construction.

—Mark Chancellor, Owner, M. Chancellor Drywall, Dallas area

I feel health care because the rising costs are hurting families and some can’t even pay for health insurance anymore.

Cut taxes, and stop spending money for non-working loafers.

He should find someone capable of leading the United States, give them the job, and resign before he takes office.

[He should finish] the job in the two wars we are in and go after the terrorists hiding in Pakistan to complete the defeat.


Tell the American public to go to work. Stop waiting for Washington to give a handout. If you have money, spend some. If you are unemployed, go find a job. Quit asking, “What’s the government going to do for me?” and ask, “What can I do that is in best for me, my family, my city, my state and my country?”… Because when the pilgrims came over they did not go to the Indians and say, “What’s for lunch?” The American dream was built on capitalism, not socialism. Get busy!

Health Care: Bankruptcy because of health costs is, financially, no different than other economic problems. A health care program will save many from poverty and is a wonderful human gesture.

This country must put the labor work back in the hands of United States citizens. It should be the first requirement of those seeking bids. And the first guarantee of those seeking the bid. It’s hell to be laid off and watch the illegals work because of some greed. It will also level the playing field.

Balance the budget!!!

Resign, before things get too messed up!

How is President-elect Obama going to ensure the financial strength of capitalism and growth of entrepreneurship in the United States? Because entrepreneurship is the economic engine that drives this country. Large corporations alone cannot create the tax base needed to fund our government. A great example of this is General Motors. Without small businesses, where will the tax base come from to implement the programs he has promised in his campaign?

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