AWCI Meeting a Big Hit

As I wrote this message from Colorado Springs, Colo., we were winding down a great week at AWCI’s 2006 Industry Executives’ Conference & Committee Week. We had two highly qualified speakers for our education sessions during the conference who talked about two of the hottest topics out there. Carlos Conejo covered Immigration Law Changes and […]

AWCI on the Job

Allen Named to 2007–2008 AWCI Executive Committee C. Brent Allen, vice president of sales and engineering at South Texas & Lone Star Drywall, Inc., Columbus, Ohio, was appointed to the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industry’s Executive Committee as its secretary during last month’s Industry Executives Conference & Committee Week in Colorado Springs, Colo. […]

Construction Trends

Three-Year Study Will Determine the Optimal EIFS Solution Kicking off a historic, joint three-year analysis to determine the optimal performance of exterior insulation and finish systems, the EIFS Industry Members Association has teamed with the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Building Technology, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the Charleston, S.C., School District […]

Three Theories of Management

This article deals with three basic theories of, or approaches to, management. They are Controlling/Directive (CD); Cooperative/Consensual (CC); and Situational/Future (SF). As soon as “theory” is mentioned, eyes glaze over, groans are heard and people mentally check out. Keep reading, don’t groan, and you’ll find a simple, useful framework that will help […]

The Architect’s Response

Last month I told you how I was asked to bid on a shopping mall, but the building plans were littered with nothing but design errors. As angry as I was, I decided to send a matter-of-fact e-mail to the architect to try to start a dialogue. The e-mail I sent referenced the […]

When Two Different Fire Ratings Meet

On a current project I have two fire-rated walls intersecting each other. The walls have two different ratings, one has a two-hour rating and the other is rated at one hour. Can you direct me to a source of a detail showing how to install the drywall at the intersection? I also took […]

Churches Cost Money

This article on religious building projects is similar to ones we’ve done in past years that basically reinforce high, intricate ceilings and angled floors as the main technical challenges with this type of job, and budgets as a common administrative stumbling block to overcome. “The height of the sanctuary from a sloped floor […]

You Can’t Hustle a Hustler, Part 2

In last month’s article we looked at factors that go into having your business materials printed, including how to go about hiring the right printer and designer for your job. We also discovered how the number of colors your job uses can affect your budget. Now that you’ve (presumably) found your printer of choice (and […]

Put Your Politics in Print

Employment-related claims are the fastest growing area of litigation in California, the state in which I work. Defending claims such as sexual harassment, disability and pregnancy discrimination, wrongful termination in violation of public policy and breach of implied contract have become more commonplace for companies, regardless of their size. Although a well-crafted employee […]