Perimeter Trim Line

October 2022

CertainTeed® announces the launch of Terminus Transitions (pictured) and Terminus Glazing Channels as new product extensions to CertainTeed Architectural’s Terminus Perimeter Trim line—a premier suspension system accessory that allows for easy installation of suspended ceilings with exposed edges including clouds, peninsulas and islands.
Designed with specifiers and contractors in mind, Terminus Transitions and the Terminus Glazing Channel add to CertainTeed Architectural’s comprehensive offering of acoustical and drywall suspension systems and accessories that simplify the installation process for commercial projects, reducing additional time and labor spent on the job site.
The Terminus Transitions are a time-saving, one-piece solution made of extruded-aluminum that enables transitions between different ceiling heights and types without the need for traditional bulkheads. The Transitions are available in 6 product families designed to facilitate a smooth conversion between varying ceiling types, including from acoustical up to acoustical, from acoustical up to drywall, from drywall up to drywall, from drywall up to acoustical, from semi-concealed up to acoustical and from semi-concealed up to drywall. Terminus Transitions also offer flush transitions for connections between the same ceiling heights, allowing for a streamlined changeover between ceilings.
While open-space design is ubiquitous in modern offices, in most instances some separation of space is necessary to maintain privacy. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls are often used to separate space while maintaining airy visuals. Glazing Channels offer a solution for both acoustical and drywall ceilings by preventing the need to run headers from the floor above, which allows for a clean finish on suspended ceiling elements to achieve seamless design.
The Terminus Trim Portfolio (inclusive of Terminus Perimeter Trim, Transitions and Glazing Channels) is the latest in CertainTeed Architectural’s offering of suspension system accessories, engineered to expedite installations for ceiling applications. The Terminus Trim portfolio is offered in CertainTeed Architectural’s standard color palette and available in custom colors to match any ceiling, allowing for a tailored and personalized look in any space.

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