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Armstrong World Industries introduces Ultima® Templok® ceiling panels, which address the demand for solutions that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in buildings. By integrating the technology of Phase Change Material with Armstrong mineral fiber ceiling panels, Ultima Templok panels can reduce energy costs and consumption by as much as 15%. In addition, the panels support higher Indoor Environmental Quality by enabling improved thermal comfort and are part of the Armstrong Total Acoustics® product portfolio, offering enhanced sound-blocking and sound-absorption performance.

Installing Ultima Templok panels in large surface areas of a given space supports improved thermal stability, reduced heating and cooling needs and more efficient HVAC operation, making the space more sustainable and resilient. The PCM in Ultima Templok helps to moderate temperature by passively storing and releasing heat in response to fluctuations in real time. Heat transfers naturally into and out of Ultima Templok panels as the air temperature above and below them warms up and falls, respectively. Heat absorption typically occurs during the day when a space is occupied. Heat release occurs at night when the building cools and/or is unoccupied. Ultima Templok ceilings offer the greatest temperature moderating impact in spaces with large temperature variations that are typically caused by climate or the presence of heat-generating sources during the day.

Ultima Templok fits into the thermal comfort portion of the WELL Building Standard™ and can contribute to energy and atmosphere credits for LEED®.

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