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Dipped Gloves

Milwaukee Tool enhances safety on the job site with the introduction of Dipped Gloves. The new gloves are ANSI/ISEA-rated for Cut Levels 1, 3 and 5 and are EN 388 rated. Designed to provide users with all-day comfort and ultimate durability, all of the new gloves have been thoughtfully developed with proprietary knitting that provide the protection necessary at these key ANS/ISEA cut levels and EN ratings. Each also features Smartswipe™ technology so users can access phones or tablets without removing the gloves.


Cut Level 1 Dipped Gloves. The textured nitrile palm of the Cut Level 1 Dipped Gloves offer a better grip on materials, as well as increased dexterity, and their nylon/lycra blend construction provides increased comfort and wicks away moisture to keep hands dry. Smartswipe™ touch screen functionality has been incorporated into the index finger tip to permit the use of touchscreen devices without removing the gloves.


Cut Level 3 Dipped Gloves. These gloves feature ANSI/ISEA cut level 3 protection to help prevent injuries from sharp objects on the job site. They also provide a more comfortable grip, maximum dexterity when handling small objects, and feature a Comfort Web Grip for outstanding grip performance. The nitrile dip material provides ultimate durability and best-in-class puncture resistance while Smartswipe™ fingertips and palms provide full access to touchscreen devices.


Cut Level 5 Dipped Gloves. These gloves feature ANSI/ISEA cut level 5 protection to help prevent injuries from demanding jobsite applications, such as work with sheet metal/glass, wire stripping and ducting. The gloves utilize a double-dipped nitrile grip for best-in-class puncture resistance and added durability. Similar to the Cut Level 3 Dipped Gloves, the Cut Level 5 Dipped Gloves also include Smartswipe™ fingertips and palms.

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