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Hand Protection

Pyramex® announces its newest advancement in glove technology: PMXTECK™. PMXTECK is revolutionizing hand protection ensuring workers never have to choose between comfort and safety. It incorporates the best of both with its unique plated knit technology, creating gloves with an exterior built for durability combined with an interior so soft and smooth wearers will forget they are even wearing them.

Pyramex’s new PMXTECK technology incorporates key features including enhanced resistance, breathability, dexterity and durability, all of which seamlessly come together to enhance the overall work experience.

Resistance: Crafted from high-performance materials such as stainless steel and HPPE, PMXTECK gloves provide exceptional resistance against punctures, cuts and abrasions. Breathability: Uncomfortable, sweaty palms are a problem of the past thanks to PMXTECK’s cooling effect that reduces sweating. Dexterity is vital when handling small components or operating intricate machinery, and PMXTECK gloves provide the freedom of movement needed for optimal performance. Durability: PMXTECK gloves are engineered to withstand the toughest environments, maintaining its integrity and protecting hands in even the harshest conditions.

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